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VLUVEX approached us with a visionary idea – to create a cutting-edge platform for shipping from the USA to Argentina using a courier methodology. The challenge was monumental. Building a platform from the ground up required meticulous planning and a deep understanding of VLUVEX’s unique requirements.



We embarked on a journey with VLUVEX, beginning with a comprehensive discovery and design phase. We collaborated closely, meticulously collecting and verifying all their requirements. With a clear roadmap in place, we delved into development. The result was a custom platform crafted with React, Node.js, and Directus to perfectly meet VLUVEX’s needs. This platform is a testament to our commitment to turning ideas into powerful, tangible solutions.


VLUVEX’s success story is a testament to our ability to turn innovative concepts into reality. Let’s transform your ideas into impactful platforms.

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    Discovery, Custom App Development

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    React, Node JS, Directus