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Shipii had an ambitious goal – to revolutionize last-mile logistics by creating a custom native app. Their vision was to empower small businesses and individuals to make short shipments that are fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free. However, realizing this vision required a comprehensive strategy.



We embarked on a journey with Shipii, starting with a 6-week discovery phase. Together, we defined the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), conducted benchmarking analysis, crafted user flows, and designed the core screens of the app. We left no stone unturned, estimating development costs and timelines.


In the subsequent 5-month development phase, we brought Shipii’s vision to life with a custom native app. Using Next.js, React, and Capacitor on the frontend, and Directus CMS, PostgreSQL, and GraphQL on the backend, we created a powerful solution. The app now empowers small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals to navigate the last mile logistics with ease. Shipii is a testament to our ability to turn bold ideas into functional, user-friendly applications.


Shipii’s journey from concept to reality showcases our commitment to transforming innovative concepts into practical, cutting-edge solutions.




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    React, Node JS, Directus